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Artists Palette No 58 1

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Artists Palette No 58 Demo 2
Heat-set oil paints allow you to roughly block in a layer of paint; dry that section with a heat gun; and then paint another layer straight away.
Step Three:
To see whether I was going to like the effect of the wrought-iron railings framing the picture, I made an initial sketch of where the curves were going to be placed over the buildings and canal. When making large sweeping freehand curves such as these, it is best to bend from the elbow rather than just bending from the wrist... it makes for a smoother curve and allows greater control.
Making sure the vanishing point and perspective of the buildings were accurate at this stage was very important (although I did feel I could blame any mistakes on the age of the buildings and the varying rates of sinkage).
Step Four:
Work began here in ‘carving out’ features in the buildings such as archways, balconies and the rustic narrow windows. The light was fairly diffused, but I was still conscious of the direction of the light source and the resultant shadows.
I completed the water so that I could paint some of the railings over it; to gauge whether I would be happy with the look of the rails over the scene.