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Artists Palette No 58 1
Feature Article February 2008
Artist’s Palette Magazine
Edition No. 58
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Artists Palette No 58 2
Painting with Peace
A keen Australian artist describes the past year as a ‘steep learning curve’ during which she has come to terms with a range of challenges and discovered new artistic opportunities.
Michelle Caitens has a creative description for her recent experience of changing from acrylics to oil paints: ‘From painting with tension to painting with peace…’
‘With acrylics, I always felt that I was ‘fighting’ the paint, although I think that was largely due to my inexperience and lack of understanding of the medium’ she says. ‘As soon as I changed over to heat-set oil paints, I sighed a figurative sigh!
The act of painting, for Michelle, has been transformed into a relaxing pastime. Being able to determine her own timeframe for when the paint is going to dry and to blend to my heart’s content are major benefits.
Less than six months ago, Michelle Caitens painted her first oil painting: ‘At Risk – The Endangered Bush Stone Curlew’.
‘I distinctly remember getting to the stage of adding the detailed...