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Artists Palette No 58 1

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Artists Palette No 58 3
... markings and blending the colours on the birds’ feathers and thinking, ‘This is how it should be… this is fun!’ I feel the same way about pastels and have only used pastels and Genesis heat-set oils since completing that painting,’ she explains.
‘At Risk’ was painted using a compilation of photographs Michelle took many years apart. ‘One argument, perhaps, for keeping all those old photographs!’ she says. ‘Years ago, I took photographs of curlews scratching around the dead leaves between demountable classrooms in our children’s school. Even though the background was very ordinary, I was always on the lookout for lovely lighting and the beautiful markings of the birds appealed to me. The bird’s nest ferns and tree roots with their dappled light were shot on a family bushwalk in the Bunya Mountains. These pictures were all ‘patchworked’ together to make...